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Building Your Brand 

Get in front of your customers like never before with Digital Billboards.

Georgia Community Network has partnered with hundreds of independent billboard operators across the USA to enable businesses to achieve greater flexibility, geographic reach, mass visibility, and more campaign control than ever before by advertising their products and brands on digital billboards.

You will have access to hundreds of billboards across the United States and Canada and you have the flexibility to diversify when, where, and how you are seen.

Digital Billboard Locations

Take a look at where we currently offer digital billboards.

With hundreds of digital billboards to choose from, target your local market or blanket the nation with your brand. Your digital bulletins can span across the United States from Los Angeles to New York.

The Specifics

Affordable Monthly Plans

The Georgia Community Network has partnered with several providers of billboard services to provide affordable monthly billboard advertising plans across Cumming and Forsyth County

Pay By Ad Displays

All plans are based on the number of Ad Displays as well as the time of day of advertising. We average out your exposure and display your ads for best exposure on our partner network. You can buy as many or as little number of Ad Displays.

Review & Analytics

You will receive weekly reports about your Ad placements and displays on our partner network. It will help you improve your Advertising strategy.

Ad Creation & Ad Creation Fees

Ads can be provided by your marketing team or we can create an Ad on your behalf for a subsidized fee. Ad creation fees start at $99/Ad and includes up to two revisions before the ad gets published.

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